Dan Hamaoui

   Dan Hamaoui started drawing at the age of three, and has not stopped since. Always being creative with the tools available, Dans’ talent of artistic creativity, and a hunger to learn new tools landed him in school to study digital multimedia design.

   After discovering his passion in 3D modeling at the International Academy of Design in Montreal, Canada, he enjoyed seven years of explosively creative work as a freelance 3D generalist, having been self taught in advanced techniques. In 2008, Dan worked as a visual database modeler for Adacel, and flourished modeling aircraft and airports (military and civilian) for the purpose of Air Traffic Control Tower Simulation.

   In 2011, he traveled to Moscow, Russia, and Prague, Czech Republic, taking the time to study to improve his 3D modeling skill set, opening opportunities for film and advertising. Dan is currently seeking employment in an exciting environment where he can contribute as a 3D modeler.

If you would like more information, please give me a call at +1(514) 746-8123, or via my Contact page.